At Inovatrs our goal is to innovate coaches, consultants, and small business owner learning and implementation process. To break the overwhelm cycle and help you complete business foundation and marketing tasks quickly, productively, and with step-by-step "with us" training.


Founder of Inovatrs.

I am a tech and marketing facilitator whose let's get it to do approach brings clarity and focus to online businesses and helps clients build business systems that grow their business.

Hello, I am Tina Fletcher, the owner, and creator of Inovatrs. With over 30 years of experience as a graphic designer and web designer, I decided there was a gap in the market to provide you with learning to remove the overwhelm of the to-do list and help you grow your business.

If you don't put in place systems and have strategic marketing and a mindset to create the impact you want, you have just created a job. I know this sounds brutal, but it is true.

So that is exactly why I decided to dedicate myself to helping people find the INNER INNOVATOR so they can make a difference and live the life they dream of.

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